Hunya Munya, a hard hitting minor in the majors, brings an ear to the ground freshness to the world of independent music publishing. As within the eco-system of the Big Brother's Publishing model, Hunya Munya is not simply satisfied with just sitting on royalty collections; instead, Hunya Munya's strengths include their lean business model, powerful catalogue, strong working relationships with their artists, the aggressive push and belief in their artists, and ultimately, an intuitive talent for making poignant pitches.

Hunya Munya Publishing represents the new school of publishing. A partnership of Evan Marcus, Marcus Zuhr, and Colin & Justin Moreh, HMP's humble start is by no means demonstrative of the fact that they're a little powerhouse - a secret weapon in the arsenal of the progressive music supervisor.

HM's attention was initially garnered for the electronic portion of their catalogue that is passionately targeted at visual media. Their repertoire has recently exploded into indie rock, orchestral pieces, visually empowering cues, and many other forms of music made visual. Within Hunya Munya's catalogue, you find best of the known and unknown; all gems of the highest quality and originality. After having garnished their recent addition to the Fairwood Music family, you can't help feeling like you're looking at the future of independent publishing when you think of Hunya Munya.